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Stockholm, october 2011.

Carl de Boulloche, Bardunen E.F

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And...by the way....the real cars behind the cartoons can be seen here.

Ydrolina is a cartoon character.
She is a Miniac. i.e totally obsessed by the iconic british car of the 60´s.
This website shows some of her comic strips.
Please bear in mind that I am an amateur cartoonist...

At the very beginning she was drawn by Isabelle and Carl de Boulloche,
nowadays mainly by Carl only, assisted by Patrizia Linari. We want to thank especially Miguel Plano
who is so kind to check our weird english spelling. Other contributors have helped throught the years whith
ideas and suggestions, among others Bart Vanreusel, Baustin Mini and again Miguel Plano.

We used to update this site twice a week, but in the future updates will be quite random and less frequent.
We sincerely hope you will enjoy her adventures.